Municipal Water Backup

We provide WATER SECURITY for your home or business with our municipal water backup systems.

Municipal Water BackupSouth Africa is a water scarce country and the municipalities are not maintaining the water infrastructure in this country or building additional dams that were supposed to happen. Clean water will be become a major problem with water shedding becoming a normal occurrence as electricity is at the moment.

An increased demand for reliable water supply services, unreliable water infrastructure, and significant environmental and health challenges have become a mission-critical segment of operating across all sectors.

Water supply security has been identified as a key economic business risk by industry leaders ahead of energy supply security. A lack of access to water can be a major challenge for any business.

Installing a water tank connected to your municipal water mains will ensure that clean drinkable water is on tap when the municipal water to your premises fails for whatever reason.

A water tank and pump is installed with the municipal water connected to the tank which in turn will automatically replace the water as it being used on site. The pump then pumps the water into the building.

Municipal Water Backup

This system is fully automatic and if the unit fails there is a bypass valve that will bypass the tank and reinstate the municipal feed to the premises.

A building that suffers from bad water pressure is always a problem, installing a municipal water tank and pressure pump will rectify this problem.

Depending on the pump installed the water pressure can be adjusted to suit the water pressure requirements needed.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can you drink stored municipal water from the water tank?
A: Yes you can. Under ideal conditions municipal water can be stored for prolonged periods of time, The water tank has a black food grade liner inside the tank to stop the sun light penetrating the tank. This stops the growth of algae. Also as the water is used out of the tank it is automatically replaced with water so the water is rotated on continues basis.

Q: Does stored water go bad?
A: If stored properly water does not spoil. When contamination gets into a tank like bacteria, that spoils the water. Properly sealed water in the correct tank won’t spoil.

Q: Can a water tank be placed on the ground?
A: No, gravel or stones under a full tank can actually cause damage to the bottom of the tank. Take a full 5000L tank. That with the water content only, weighs 5 tons at the bottom of the base! A smooth concrete slab of at least 150mm must be laid for the tank to stand on. The tank must also stand upright and not slant over.