Welcome to Skunk Water Solutions

At Skunk Water Solutions we have a fully stocked Irrigation shop as well as Rainwater Harvesting products. We supply a range of sprinkler systems, JoJo Tanks, water pumps, swimming pool pumps as well as swimming pool equipment, submersible pumps and pond pumps. We also supply LDPE and HDPE Piping and fittings, plumbing supplies, Marley guttering systems and accessories for all of the above.

At Skunk we strive to ensure first of all great customer service from our friendly staff and also great quality products while at affordable prices.

Skunk Water Solutions are wholesalers to the trade.

Come visit our One-Stop-Shop at 6 Voortrekker Road Southcrest Alberton for all your Garden Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting and Plumbing requirements today. In addition to the general product mention we have many more accessories available.

You can also contact us directly on 08600-75865 or sales@skunkwater.co.za for any enquiries.

Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration! Why pay for water if you don’t have to! We don’t! Come visit our showroom in Alberton on the East Rand & see rainwater harvesting in action. Affordable options for larger and also small applications.