Correctly Installed Water Tank Solutions

Water tanks installed by Skunk Water, an accredited JoJo Tank installer.

1000Lt Municipal Backup JoJo Tank

1000Lt Municipal Backup JoJo Tank. Installed in Johannesburg South

Rainwater Harvesting JoJo Tank

2500Lt Rainwater Harvesting JoJo Tank with First Flush & Leaf Eater. Installed in Glenvista.

JoJo Water Tank in Alleyway

2200Lt x2 Rainwater Harvesting JoJo Tanks on Concrete Foundation. Installed in Randhart.

2500L JoJo Tank Installation with First Flush and Leaf Eater done in Alberton

2500L JoJo Tank Installation with First Flush Diverter and Leaf Eater done in Alberton

Examples of Incorrectly Installed Water Tanks

Contact us for consultation on existing installations, here are some examples of incorrect installations.

There is no pump cover. The piping from the tank to pump should be 40mm.

Outlet must be the same as the inlet. There is no first flush diverter. The overflow pipe is too small.

This pipe is too small, it should be 80mm.

Should have a leaf eater and first flush diverter. Water will contain sediment.

The JoJo tank should not extend further than the foundation.

The water tank should not be touching the wall.

Rainwater Harvesting installation with no non-return valve.